We are a privately owned factory in Winnipeg and our owners have a combined 50+ years of mattress manufacturing experience. We will demistify your mattress purchasing decision. 

When buying factory direct, our customers have a true choice in the quality of the components that make up their mattress. This in turn ensures that their mattress performance expectations meet and exceed their needs. 


You the customer can actually see and feel individual components (foam, springs, etc.) not just the finished encased product.

If any issues arise, we can resolve them quickly and locally as our mattresses are made on site with local skilled labourers who take pride in their work. 

Our knowledge and skill helps us manufacture matresses of any size and shape, to fit those big and small. 

Please come down to our factory to take a look at how we do business. You’ll be glad you did, We promise!


Why buy direct?

Lower Pricing

Quick Delivery

More Options

Higher Quality

Individualized Service

Relationship Building