FACT: A mattress made with LOW QUALITY COMPONENTS often looks and feels exactly the same as a mattress made with SUPERIOR COMPONENTS.


Restmore Mattresses can help you with all of your mattress needs from modern one sided mattresses or the traditional two sided mattresses to plush luxury pillow tops. Restmore builds mattresses in all standard sizes and can even custom size a mattress to fit your custom application! 

We manufacture all standard sizes, European sizes, waterbed sizes, RV mattress sizes, foam core mattresses, camping foams, economy to super luxury feels, specialty needs, electric beds, and more. Our customers range from private individuals to hotel buyers, camp operators, schools and universities. 


Mattress Selection

Because we spend 1/3 of our time in bed we recommend that (1) COMFORT and (2) QUALITY should be the two major factors in your decision process. (3) PRICE obviously is a factor, but by buying at the factory there are automatic built in savings. 

COMFORT – each person is different (weight) and each person has their individual comfort needs and preferences. Some individuals prefer a soft enveloping feeling mattress while others at the far extreme like rock hard beds. We make many mattress models to suit individual needs and we also customize beds in those cases. Come and experience what a great mattress feels like. 

COMFORT GUARANTEE – We know that trying a mattress in the show room is not ideal. We strive to get it right the first time but in some cases where the mattress feel is not right within the first 30 days bring the mattress back to us and we will rebuild it and make it feel just right. The cost of this service is often free. In cases where we have to add new materials a charge will be added. For this service labour is always FREE

QUALITY – It is not visually apparent. Lower grade components often feel the same as high grade ones. The test of quality is longevity. Often the mattress will look and feel great but will fail to provide the comfort in as soon as 6 months. Restmore Mattress will show you and educate you on the component qualities, so your expectations of a particular mattress choice will coincide with reality. We want your satisfaction and repeat business. 

WARRANTY – We practice a no nonsense no hustle warranty. Condition is that the mattress is clean (was protected with a mattress pad) and is not damaged by abuse. Same day service – please make an appointment and then bring the mattress to us by 9 am and pick it up after 2 pm. 

MATTRESS FRAME – A metal frame or a suitable platform must be used to support the mattress and a mattress foundation. The frame or platform for Queen and King size must have a centre support. The span is too large and the box foundation will flex and fail.

STANDARD SIZE MEASUREMENTS – Sizes are close approximations and depend on factors such as amount of padding on the top and around the innerspring. Heights are dependent on innerspring height and the amount of comfort padding and quilting heights. 

Single or Twin:  38″ x 73.5″ 
Double or Full:  53″ x 73.5″
Queen: 59″ x 79.5″
King: 76″ x 79.5″